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AccessAbility provide support to students who live with disability, are neurodivergent, have a temporary or permanent health condition or injury that may impact their study. An AccessPlan can provide support and opportunity for your individual circumstances.

Library Services

A short introduction to JCU Library Services across Townsville, Cairns, and online.

Careers & Employability

Hear from Grant (Careers & Employability) and JCU Students how you can benefit from JCU Career and Employability support

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Student Success Officers

Student Success Officers are responsible for providing individualised support to internal and external students through referral and connection within JCU service network.

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JCU Student Mentor Program

The JCU Student Mentor Program matches experienced student mentors with commencing undergraduate students from the same course of study

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Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) offer dedicated subject specific study sessions. They are a great way to meet people in your subject and course and a proved way to improve your marks!

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After Hours study help wherever you need it.

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