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Student Success Officers

The Student Success team provides a free personalised service supporting all students across the student lifecycle, from internal and external students studying undergraduate degrees to students studying in the postgraduate space. This includes:

  • Supporting study progress during the study period.
  • Assessing personal challenges and developing a plan with the student to overcome them.
  • Providing referrals to appropriate specialist services at JCU and in the community.
  • Helping with JCU policies and administrative tasks relevant to study or assessment.

group photo of student support officers.

Workshops - Get Personalised Support and Find Services at JCU

The Student Success team present an online 45-minute overview/ summary of all Student Services, including personalised support available at JCU to help students succeed.

Tuesdays 1pm- 1.45pm AEST Register here

Thursdays 6pm - 6.45pm AEST Register here

Contact us!

Our success team is available for phone, online or on campus appointments. Decide which Success Officer will best support you and your success by reviewing the speciality areas of each staff member below, then book an appointment. Alternatively, email and your Success Officer will be in touch.

Photo of Alarna Cantatore

Alarna Cantatore

Speciality: Nursing & Midwifery

Phone: 07  4781 4831

Location: Townsville Campus,  25.109

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Photo of Anita Suleman

Anita Suleman

Specialty: Education, Social Work and Arts

*Also supporting Postgrad students of College Education, Social work & Arts and College Business, law Governance*

Phone: 07 4232 1484

Location: Cairns Campus, A4. 137

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Photo of Chelsea Reynolds

Chelsea Reynolds

Specialty: Healthcare Sciences- (excl. Nursing & Midwifery)

Phone:  07  4781  6113

Location: Townsville Campus, 39. 008

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Photo of Ebony Allen-Ankins

Ebony Allen-Ankins

Specialty: Science & IT

Phone:  07  4781  4875

Location: Townsville Campus, 34. 236

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Photo of Helen Walls

Helen Walls

Specialty: Pharmacy & Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Sciences

Phone:  07 4781 6591

Location: Townsville Campus,  94. 009

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Photo of Ioana Bowden

Ioana Bowden

Speciality: Engineering

*Also supporting Postgrad students of College Healthcare Sciences and College Science & Engineering *

Phone: 07  4781  4754

Location: Townsville Campus,   15. 109

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Photo of Karlee Bezanson

Karlee Bezanson

Specialty: Pharmacy & Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Sciences

Phone: 07 4781 5005

Location: Townsville Campus, 94. 019

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Photo of Natalie O'Neill

Natalie O'Neill

Specialty: Nursing & Midwifery

Phone: 07 4232 1109

Location: Cairns Campus, A2. 119

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Photo of Rachel Saunders

Rachel Saunders

Specialty: Business, Law, Governance

Phone: 07 4781 4163

Location: Townsville Campus, 28, 213

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