Getting ready for your first day

New students

If you've just enrolled, or want to know what it takes to begin your student journey, JCU's New students page shows you how to accept your offer, finalise your enrolment and decline or change your enrolment. It also goes through important dates, student checklist, scholarships and accommodation. Don't forget to check out the fun stuff such as information for Orientation and student life!

It's ok if you're still feeling unsure. We were all new once! Please contact us, via phone or email, or pop into one of our centers and we will help you!

New student starting at university.

What can I study?

Here at the IERC, our learning and teaching team has put together Undergraduate Studies (Indigenous) which are designed to build your understanding of the everyday experiences and knowledges that are shaped by our Indigenous people and communities. As electives, they can also be used to enhance your placement experience with the confidence to work with communities across Australia.

JCU also has a wide variety of areas for you to study. The Study page will take you through all the courses JCU has to offer from Allied Health and Pharmacy through to Veterinary and Animal Science.

Student looking at a map of the world.

How to enrol in your subjects

Congratulations on your new journey as a student of JCU! You now need to enrol in your subjects. Click here for your step-by-step process on how to enrol in your subjects and who you can reach out to if you have any questions. You’ll need to apply to JCU first, this link will help you with this step.

If you get stuck, please contact us and we will assist you. This is your first time, so it’s ok if you’re feeling unsure; this is what we’re here for!

Academic calendars

The academic year was once only split into two semesters: Teaching Period 1 (first six months of the year) and Teaching Period 2 (second six months of the year). Some disciplines are now aligned with the refreshed academic calendar which is split over three study periods (trimesters) during the calendar year.

This page outlines the timetables and important dates for both semesters and trimesters. If you have any questions about trimesters, visit the Trimester FAQs page.

Student ID card

JCU student ID cards allow students the on-campus and off-campus benefits. This is because this card provides proof that you are a JCU student and are entitled to JCU services and discounts.

Click here for find out how to apply for one and what these benefits are.