Pharmacy Full Scope Program Information

Program Information

This program will be delivered in a mixed mode format, combining online coursework with essential residential segments. Participating pharmacists are expected to attend in-person residencies, clinical skills refreshment days, and an end-of-program OSCE, which will be hosted in both South East Queensland and North Queensland. This approach ensures a balanced and thorough preparation for pharmacists aiming to excel in the expanded scope of practice.

The pilot encompasses a comprehensive training program for participating pharmacists, who will be equipped to diagnose and treat conditions outlined in the pilot's clinical practice guidelines. The program includes:

  • Training Component 1: A rigorous Safe Prescribing Education course, aligned with the NPS Medicinewise Prescribing Competencies Framework, featuring 120 hours of experiential learning.
  • Training Component 2: Two specialized clinical training courses focused on health assessment, clinical examination techniques, and the diagnosis and management of selected conditions, incorporating safe prescribing practices learned in Training Component 1.

Before beginning the pilot, pharmacists must also complete:

  • Pharmacist immunisation training.
  • The Urinary Tract Infection Pharmacy Pilot – Queensland (UTIPP-Q) training module.

The Safe Prescribing Education subject is currently under review for accreditation by the Australian Pharmacy Council.  *(The program is seeking, but has not yet been granted, accreditation from the Australian Pharmacy Council and approval from the Pharmacy Board of Australia)