Policy Corporate Governance Policy for the Affiliation of a Residential College

Policy for the Affiliation of a Residential College

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To specify the requirements which determine the formal relationship between specified Residential Colleges and the University.


All Residential Colleges listed in the Schedule shown below.

Policy and Procedures

1. The Residential Colleges set out in the Schedule of these Guidelines shall be Residential Colleges of the University affiliated with it in the terms set out in these Guidelines.

2. Each College shall use any premises acquired by it from the University only for the purpose of a residential University College and such other purposes as are approved by the Council.

3. Each College shall operate under a written constitution approved by the Council, and its constitution shall not be amended without the consent of the Council. The College shall lodge with the University Secretary a copy of its constitution and of any amendment made thereto.

4. There shall be provisions in the constitution of each College that one member of the governing body of the College shall be a person nominated by the Council.

5. The constitution of each College shall prescribe what persons may be admitted to residence in the College.

6. Each College shall submit an Annual Report to the University Council through the University Council’s nominee on the College Council.

7. The University Council’s nominee on the College Council will make a report to the University Council on the operations of the College each year.

8. The University encourages Colleges to manage their operations in accordance with the principles of sustainability.

9. Use of University land shall be determined under a Nomination of Trusts or other terms of trust as approved by the University Council.


The Catholic College of St Raphael and St Paul

St. Mark's College

John Flynn College

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