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The purpose of this policy is to establish the guidelines that are necessary to control the use of banners, posters and advertising boards and the display of notices and acceptable graffiti.  Adherence to this policy will provide protection to University building fabric and infrastructure, minimise the potential for personal injury or the giving of offence, establish the parameters for displaying material, and clarify the forms of activity that are acceptable within the University community.


This policy applies to all stakeholders within the University and establishes where and under what conditions the placement of signs, banners, posters etc is acceptable. This policy does not cover permanent signage such as way-finding and fixed building signage. Permanent signage is to be specified by JCU Design Principles and approved by the Vice Chancellor on advice from FIAC or other design review panels as may be established.


Graffiti – includes posters, notices, advertisements and similar items such as ‘chalking’.

Policy and Procedures

Noticeboards and Information Signs

Within the University there are various noticeboards.  Many of these noticeboards are for students and staff personal messages.  The University does not place any official notices of these boards.  Official University noticeboards are reserved for its use and any offending materials placed on these boards will be removed without notice.

The University also wishes to ensure that all official way-finding and other signage on campus is obvious to all visitors, students and staff and that they do not become defacto noticeboards.  There is no authorisation for the display of notices, posters or directional messages on these signs. Any offending material will be removed without notice.

Portable Advertising / Sign Boards

The University recognises the benefits to be gained from a strategic use of portable advertising boards (sandwich boards), In order to protect building fabric, such signage is allowed provided the signage does not obstruct corridors, walkways or create a safety hazard.

No signs of any type are to be fixed, in any form, to external building walls, doors or windows without approval from the Estate Office. Any requests for permanent or temporary advertising, information or identification signs are to be forwarded to the Estate Office and provide information on the proposed signage as follows:-

  • Applicant contact details

  • Proposed size, colour and wording of the sign

  • Proposed location and materials

  • Proposed fixing details.


Posters and notices may only be placed on noticeboards erected around the University for student’s use.  Posters and notices may not be placed over official notices on existing noticeboards or attached to trees, posts, footpaths, fences, railings, walls or other unapproved areas.

The Estate Office is entitled to refuse or remove at its discretion any sign which is offensive, conflicts with University objectives or has been the subject of a complaint. Removal of such material may be at the cost of the person or group responsible.


From time to time, the University approves of the placement of banners around the campuses.  These banners usually refer to University wide events such as Open Day, O-Week etc.  These banners are placed for a specific period of time and removed as soon as the particular event is concluded.

Any proposal by other academic, administrative or student groups within the University for the erection of a banner will be subject to the following:-

  1. approval to erect such a banner and the terms under which it is erected will be determined by the Director Estate Office on a case by case basis.

  2. no approval will be given for a banner to be suspended or hung on a building where such an action could cause damage to building fabric

  3. any such approval will be for a shorter rather than longer period.

Commercial / Retail Signage

JCU is currently redeveloping its Douglas Campus lands in a project named Discovery Rise. Discovery Rise will contain a diverse range of commercial, industrial, and residential activity.

Permanent commercial signage on all JCU Campuses or JCU controlled assets will be permitted subject to conditions outlined in the Design Guidelines for relevant precincts.

Commercial / retail signage on campus may only be located within the outlet’s premises or storefront and is subject to this policy, recognizing existing contractual obligations in place at the time this policy is established.

Commercial / retail signage shall not adversely impact on traffic circulation and management, or pedestrian safety.

The University recognizes that commercial / retail signage is meant to be attention getting and often eye-catching, at the same time, the University is a not traditional retail venue or shopping mall so the presentation of commercial / retail signage must be in keeping with a post – secondary learning environment.

Related documents, legislation or JCU Statutes

JCU Signage Policy

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Deputy Vice Chancellor, Services and Resources

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Estate Board

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31 December 2018

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