Tree Protection

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Policy and Procedures


The University will remove trees only under the following circumstances, and with the specific approval of the Director, Facilities Management Office –

(a) if they pose a danger to persons;

(b) if they are seriously diseased or damaged and cannot be treated or repaired;

(c) for system safety reasons (for example, if they are near power lines);

(d) if their removal cannot be avoided for capital works.

If reasonably possible, trees in category (d) will be relocated.

In determining whether or not trees should be removed, the Director, Facilities Management Office will consider the operational efficiency of facilities and the efficient use of University property in accordance with the   relevant campus Master Plan.


2.1   Major Capital Works

All trees affected by major capital works will be identified on project sketch plans, and their removal or retention will be considered by the Facilities and Infrastructure Advisory Committee when those sketch plans are submitted for approval.

All building contracts will contain requirements to protect trees in the vicinity of project sites.

2.2   Other Works

No tree will be removed unless in accordance with the policy statement.

2.3   Reporting

The Facilities and Infrastructure Advisory Committee will be advised at the last meeting of each year of the numbers of trees planted and removed.

Related documents, legislation or JCU Statutes

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