FMPM 210 Cash

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This policy sets out the requirements relating to the management, administration and collection of all cash and cash equivalents on campus.




Designation of a Cashier

Chief Financial Officer

Management of money received

Head of Organisational Unit

Administration of money received

Authorised Cashier

Maintenance of a Register of Cashiers

Chief Financial Officer




  • The Chief Financial Officer may authorise individuals to collect money on behalf of the University who will by this authorisation, be known as a Cashier. There must be at least one authorised Cashier for the University.

  • A Cashier must be an employee of the University unless otherwise approved by the Chief Financial Officer.

  • The designation of Cashier given by the Chief Financial Officer may be to a named person or to the holder of an identified position in the University.

  • University money must only be received by an authorised Cashier.

  • A Cashier must only receive money on behalf of the University at specified locations.

  • The form of payment received must be approved by the Chief Financial Officer.

  • Money received by a Cashier must be recorded on an official University receipt, a copy of which must be provided to the remitter upon request.

  • A Cashier must deposit collected money to an approved bank account, on a timely basis as directed by the Chief Financial Officer.

  • Money received must be banked intact.

  • University money must be kept separate from non-University money.

  • A register of Cashiers must be maintained by the Manager,  Treasury and Corporate Finance detailing:

    • the name of the Cashier;

    • the specific location for which the Cashier is authorised to receive money; and

    • any restrictions that apply.

  • A Cashier is responsible for the safe custody of all money and related documentation received by them.

  • Surpluses or shortages must be reported promptly to the Chief Financial Officer by the Cashier. See FMPM 920: Policy - Losses for further information.

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Approval Details

Policy DomainFinancial Management

Policy Sponsor

Vice Chancellor

Approval Authority

Finance Committee

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Revision History


Approval date

Implementation date



21-104/02/202122/02/2021Updated position title – Director, Financial and Business Services to Chief Financial OfficerQuality, Standards and Policy Officer
17-116/03/201718/03/2017Minor administrative amendments - 'Collector' replaced with 'Cashier'.Director, Financial and Business Services




Policy Sponsor and Approval Authority updated to reflect the approved Policy and Delegations Framework

Quality Standards and Policy Unit