Policy Professores Emeriti Procedure

Professores Emeriti Procedure

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This procedure establishes the process for the granting of the title Professor Emeritus.


This procedure applies to nomination of a Professor for the granting of the title of Professor Emeritus.


Professor Emeritus is a prestigious title which may be accorded to Professors who on retirement or resignation meet the criteria for the granting of the title.


Stage 1

Two senior colleagues of the University will jointly nominate a retiring or resigning Professor for appointment as a Professor Emeritus.  The nomination will be made to the Provost for consideration and the nominators will be reasonably confident the nominee will meet the eligibility criteria defined in the Professores Emeriti Policy.

The Provost will consider the nomination, and, if in agreement with the nominators that the nominee will likely meet the eligibility criteria, will submit the nomination to the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee.

Stage 2

The Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee shall determine whether the candidate meets the eligibility criteria for the granting of the title of Professor Emeritus. The Committee is able to request whatever relevant information it requires concerning the candidate in order to make its determination. If the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee believes that the eligibility criteria have been satisfied, the Committee will advise the Vice Chancellor on the merits of the nomination.

Stage 3

The Vice Chancellor will consider the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee advice and, subject to the Vice Chancellor’s endorsement, will request the Awards and Ceremonies Committee to consider the nomination.

If the Awards and Ceremonies Committee endorses the nomination the University Secretary will forward the candidate’s name to Council with a recommendation for the granting of the title of Professor Emeritus.

Stage 4

The Council will consider the recommendation for appointment and advise the Vice Chancellor of its decision, which in turn will be conveyed to the candidate.


If Council resolves to grant the title of Professor Emeritus, a formal letter of offer will be made to the recipient by the Chancellor.

If a nomination is not taken forward the Provost’s Office will inform the nominators if it fails at Stage 1 and the Secretariat if it fails at Stages 2 to 4.

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19-117/05/201922/05/2019Responsibility for making the formal offer to grant the title of Professor Emeritus amended from Vice Chancellor to Chancellor.Quality, Standards and Policy
18-1 30/04/2018Changes made to reflect headline restructure 30/04/2018.Quality, Standards and Policy




Procedure removed from the associated policy and updated to reflect restructure of Council Committees; Policy sponsor and approval authority updated.

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