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Emeritus Professor Procedure

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This procedure establishes the process for the granting of the title Emeritus Professor.


This procedure applies to all nominations for the granting of the title of Emeritus Professor to eligible candidates upon their retirement or resignation from the University.


Emeritus Professor is a prestigious title which may be accorded to Professors who, upon retirement or resignation, meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the University’s Emeritus Professor Policy.


Stage 1

Two senior colleagues of the University must jointly nominate a retiring or resigning Professor for appointment as an Emeritus Professor. The nomination is to be made in writing to the Provost for their consideration and the nominators must be reasonably confident that the nominee will meet the eligibility criteria defined in the Emeritus Professor Policy.

Stage 2

The Provost will consider the nomination and, if in agreement that the nominee will likely meet the eligibility criteria, submit the nomination to the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee (VCAC) for its consideration.  Should the Provost not consider the nominee to meet the criteria, the nominators will be advised accordingly by the Provost.

Stage 3

VCAC will determine whether it believes the candidate meets the eligibility criteria for the granting of the title of Emeritus Professor. VCAC may request further information relevant to the candidate’s nomination in order to reach its decision. If VCAC believes that the eligibility criteria has been satisfied, the Committee will advise the Vice Chancellor on the merits of the nomination.

Members of VCAC and observers are to observe strict confidentiality in relation to all nominations considered and decisions made.

Stage 4

The Vice Chancellor will consider the advice of VCAC and, if in agreement, will request that the Awards and Ceremonies Committee consider the nomination.  If the Vice Chancellor is not in agreement, the nominators will be advised accordingly.

If the Awards and Ceremonies Committee endorse the nomination, the University Secretary will forward the candidate’s name to Council with a recommendation for the granting of the title of Emeritus Professor.  If the Awards and Ceremonies Committee does not endorse the nomination, Secretariat will advise the Vice Chancellor, VCAC and the nominators.

Stage 5

Council will consider the recommendation for appointment and advise the Vice Chancellor of its decision, which in turn will be conveyed to the candidate, if the nomination is approved. If the nomination is not approved, Secretariat will advise VCAC and the nominators accordingly.


If Council resolves to grant the title of Emeritus Professor, the candidate will be formally offered the title in a letter from the Chancellor. Secretariat will advise relevant sections of the University of the conferral of the title.

If the title of Emeritus Professor is withdrawn, the Emeritus Professor will be notified of the withdrawal in writing by the Chancellor and relevant sections of the University will be informed by the Secretariat.

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20-119/11/202009/12/2020Change of title of procedure and administrative amendments.Secretariat
19-117/05/201922/05/2019Responsibility for making the formal offer to grant the title of Professor Emeritus amended from Vice Chancellor to Chancellor.Quality, Standards and Policy
18-1 30/04/2018Changes made to reflect headline restructure 30/04/2018.Quality, Standards and Policy




Procedure removed from the associated policy and updated to reflect restructure of Council Committees; Policy sponsor and approval authority updated.

Quality, Standards and Policy Unit


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