Policy Appendix 4 Student Professional Misconduct penalties

Appendix 4 Student Professional Misconduct penalties

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The table below provides examples of professional misconduct, the nature of misconduct and indicative penalties. Professional conduct may be observed on campus in association with formal coursework, and/or off-campus associated with work integrated learning, professional placements, fieldwork or excursions, or any other activities associated with the discipline in a professional setting. Authorised delegates should use these tables as a guide in determining penalties for professional misconduct, and refer to the following policies:

  • Social Media Policy
  • Student’s Suitability to Continue a Course Involving Placement Policy




Level 1 Minor

Level 2 Moderate

Level 3 Serious

Behaving inappropriately or

Behaviour contrary to professional standards:

  • Offensive/inappropriate   language
  • Inappropriate dress code or   contravention of safety requirements
  • Sharing personal and private   details of clients
  • Cultivation of relationships   inappropriate to the workplace
  • Inappropriate use of social   media whilst on professional placement
  • Lack of reliability or   punctuality
  • Inappropriate use of equipment/technology
  • Creating risk for professional   clients
  • Creating potential health and   safety risks in a workplace
  • Failure to comply with   occupational requirements
  • Discriminating against others   on the basis of race, religion, appearance or social standing whilst on   professional placement
  • Breaches of the law



Poor induction

Misinformation given

Contrary protocols

First offence

Patterned behaviour


Deliberate-high impact

Multiple offences


  • Caution or other   precautionary measure
  • Reprimand
  • Warning letter to student
  • Refer student to counselling
  • Student may be required to   undertake activities designed   improve their behaviour
  • Suspension for a defined   period
  • Restrictions to undertake   certain activities on campus or   placements
  • Restrictions on access to   campus and campus services   (including library, ICT, study facilities)
  • Removed from learning environment, potentially   by security
  • Potential loss of privileges   such as email or access to JCU Learn
  • Suspension for a defined   period
  • Exclusion or restrictions to   undertake certain activities on campus or placements for a defined period
  • Restrictions on access to   campus and campus services (including library, ICT, study facilities)
  • Make restitution where practical or pay damages
  • Make restitution financially
  • Suspension from the subject
  • Suspension from the course
  • Cancellation of enrolment
  • Expulsion from the University
  • Withholding of results for a   defined period
  • Restrictions to activities as   deemed necessary
  • Notify professional or legal   authorities
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Remediation action strategy to be undertaken

Contravention of JCU student policies whilst on professional placement or other WIL activities

Significance of the breach

Activities in breach of either personal or academic codes of conduct whilst on professional placement

Significance of the breach (see procedures and protocols for personal and academic misconduct)