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Policy Finalisation and Publication of Student Results Procedure effective from 1/1/2022

Finalisation and Publication of Student Results Procedure effective from 1/1/2022

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This procedure supports the Student Results Policy by outlining the arrangements relating to the certification, ratification and publication of subject results.


This procedure applies to the finalisation and publication of subject results for all students undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate coursework subjects at James Cook University (JCU) in Australia, Brisbane, Singapore and JCU Online. .

This procedure does not apply to students undertaking postgraduate research subjects.


Except where otherwise indicated in this policy, the definitions used in this policy are found in the Policy Glossary.

Academic Unit refers to the college or other units of the University with a result responsibility.

Certify or Certification: refers to endorsement of results.

Ratify or Ratification: refers to the expression of approval of results.


1. Assessment and Certification

1.1  Subject Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that all staff marking assessment items in the subject comply with deadlines for the completion of marking and submission of results.

1.2  The Subject Coordinator enters into the subject result sheet/file all assessment marks and the recommended result for each student enrolled in a subject in a particular study period.

1.3  The College Dean specifies the date by which subject result sheets are submitted to the College Assessment Committee.

1.4  Each College shall have one or more College Assessment Committees that shall meet after the end of each Study Period in which the College has offered subjects.

1.4.1 Each College Assessment Committee will be chaired by the College Dean, or nominee.

1.4.2 Each College Assessment Committee will also comprise of at least the following academic staff:

  • Academic Head; and
  • Course Coordinators; and
  • Subject Coordinators of subjects offered by the College in that Study Period and under the consideration by that College Assessment Committee.

1.5  The quorum for each College Assessment Committee should be at least half of the relevant Subject Coordinators, plus the Chair. Where a quorum is not obtained, the Chair shall act on the Committee’s behalf.

1.6  The College Assessment Committee(s) shall make recommendations to the College Dean on the subject result for each student enrolled in each subject offered during that Study Period. In considering the results recommended by the Subject Coordinators, the College Assessment Committee(s) shall:

1.6.1 review the allocation and distribution of results for each subject, ensuring that any moderation or scaling of marks has been applied fairly, systematically, and for sound academic reasons and in accordance with the Subject Outline ; and

1.6.2 ensure the results awarded properly reflect the levels of performance of individual students; and

1.6.3 ensure that the awarding of the final subject result in a chained subject sequence considers the full chain of subjects.  The final chained subject result is considered to be the final subject result for each subject within the chained sequence; and

1.6.4 ensure the results awarded are in accordance with relevant University policies; and

1.6.5 review the results of individual students who have been granted special consideration in accordance with the Special Consideration Procedure.

1.7  The minutes of the College Assessment Committee shall be recorded accurately, signed by the Chair and archived by the College, and results entered into the Student Management System by the College.

1.8  Following the receipt of the recommendations of the College Assessment Committee, and by the date specified by the Director of Student Services the College Dean shall;

1.8.1 certify to the Director, Academic Quality and Strategy the subject results for that Study Period. In doing so, the  College Dean is confirming that the procedures outlined in Clause 1.65 have been undertaken; and

1.8.2 advise the relevant Academic Unit to flag the results in the Student Management system as certified.

1.9  During the results certification and ratification process, a student’s subject result will not be amended without consultation with the Subject Coordinator and the College Dean.

2. Ratification

2.1  The Director, Academic Quality and Strategy, is responsible for ratification of all subject results and approving their release for publication.

2.2  The Director, Academic Quality and Strategy shall:

2.2.1 review the allocation and spread of the results certified by the College Dean; and

2.2.2 ratify the final results for subject offerings of the Division when satisfied that the  procedures have been followed and the results awarded are in accordance with relevant University policies.

2.3  The Director, Academic Quality and Strategy may choose to establish one or more Divisional Assessment Committee(s) to assist with the procedures outlined in Clause 2.2.

3. Interim Results Timeframes

3.1  The interim results of AP and RP must be finalised as soon as practicable however no later than 8 weeks after the Result Publication Date for the Study Period in which the subject was ran.

3.2  The interim results of FSE, FSA, SPE and SPA and ED must be finalised as soon as practicable, however no later than 4 weeks after the student has sat or submitted the deferred, special or supplementary examination or assessment

3.3  The interim result of PP (Placement Pending) must be finalised within 12 months of the Result Publication Date for the study period in which the subject was ran.

3.4  Interim results not finalised within the timeframes set out in Clauses 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 shall be reviewed by the College Assessment Committee under Clause 1 and 2 of this procedure who shall:

3.4.1 approve a final result of X or F ; or

3.4.2 accept a revised finalisation date presented by the Subject Coordinator and maintain the interim result with a final result to be applied immediately after the revised finalisation date has passed..

4. Update of Interim Results or Correction of an Error

4.1  The update of interim results or correction of errors will processed under Clause 1 and 2 of this procedure.

5. Final Result Changes

5.1  Following the Results Publication Date for the relevant subject offering, a student’s subject final result may only be changed in the following circumstances:

5.1.1 Correction of an error -  a correction of an error refers to administrative errors only such as those related to data entry or miscalculation of marks.   Correction of errors will require documentary evidence of how the error occurred and why it was not previously identified.

5.1.2 Outcome of Withdrawal without Academic Penalty as detailed in the Coursework Enrolment Procedure.

5.1.3 Outcome of an action under the: Review and Appeal of Final Subject Result Procedure; or Academic Misconduct Procedure

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