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Coursework Scholarships, Bursaries, Grants and Prizes Policy

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This policy provides the framework for the establishment and administration of James Cook University coursework scholarships, bursaries, grants and prizes.


James Cook University will award coursework scholarships, bursaries, grants and prizes in order to:

  • celebrate and recognise student performance with an offering of monetary or non-monetary scholarships, bursaries, grants and prizes.
  • engage with industry, community and donors through positive interactions and relationship building to benefit the student body and the University.
  • enhance the student experience and improve student success through providing opportunities of receiving financial aid.


This policy applies to all JCU scholarships, bursaries, grants and prizes, other than scholarships for Higher Degree by Research students.


The definitions used in this policy are found in the: Policy Glossary


  1. The establishment of scholarships, bursaries, grants or prizes will be consistent with the strategic intent of the University
  2. The management and administration of scholarships, bursaries, grants and prizes will be consistent across the University, with transparent and equitable selection processes.
  3. The scholarship and prizes program will be funded from a variety of sources including the University, the Commonwealth Government and external donors
  4. External donors may be acknowledged through naming of the scholarship, bursary, grant or prize or other means as determined by the Chair of Academic Board.
  5. Initiation of contact will be made by either the Discipline or the Engagement Office and maintaining the on-going relationship with potential and existing external donors is the responsibility of the Engagement Office (unless specified in the establishment of the Scholarship, bursary, Prize or Grant). A JCU staff member wishing to pursue an external donation/sponsorship is to liaise with the Engagement Office prior to any contact.
  6. Approval of the scholarship, bursary, grant or prize rules rests with the Chair, Academic Board.
  7. The Vice Chancellor has discretion to remove, add or amend assessment criteria for University funded scholarships and bursaries.
  8. The University, at its discretion, may decide to terminate named scholarships, bursaries, grants or prizes if the name attached is no longer held in high regard within the community or the fund becomes no longer viable. In some circumstances these funds may be returned to the donor.
  9. Students wishing to lodge an appeal against any decision made pursuant to this policy may do so under the JCU Student Complaints Management Policy.
  10. Where this policy does not adequately encompass a particular circumstance, the University may consider special cases. Applications for special consideration must be in writing and directed to the Scholarships Office. Authority for approval of special circumstances rests with the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Students.

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Deputy Vice Chancellor, Education

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Academic Board

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22-128/02/2022Academic Board28/03/2022Amendment to include VC has the discretion to add, remove or amend JCU funded scholarship and bursary criteria.Director, Student Services
18-109/03/2018 30/04/2018Minor amendment to reflect current organisational structure.QSP Officer





Minor amendments to remove procedural content and to broaden scope to include prizes

Chair of Academic Board





Minor amendments to align with Council approved Academic and Student Delegations Register

Associate Director, Enrolment and Client Services




Policy sponsor and approval authority amended to reflect approved policy framework.

Quality, Standards and Policy




Roles amended to reflect organisation re-structure

Policy Officer




Policy established. Approved at Academic Board



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Contact person:Director, Student Services