Research Division About the Research Division

About the Research Division

The Research Division is one of JCU's three service divisions.

We play a pivotal role in the University by providing leadership to the direction of research, developing and implementing research policy, identifying and fostering research strength, and promoting and coordinating collaboration with government, industry, publicly funded research agencies and universities.

The Division has a broad remit to support JCU's scholarly research activities. It provides a wide range of research administration services to academic and research staff, including:

JCU is committed to providing shape and direction to our research by aligning to four major themes:

  • Tropical Ecosystems, Conservation and Climate Change
  • Industries and Economies in the Tropics
  • Peoples and Societies in the Tropics
  • Tropical Health, Medicine and Biosecurity

These themes are guided by the University Plan 2018-2022 and the Division's Strategic Intent.