Our people

Research team

Professor Marcus Sheaves

Director, SICEM



(07) 4781 4144

Marcus is the Director of the SICEM Lab and Marine Data Technology Hub (M-DataTech JCU).

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Dr Nathan Waltham

Senior Research Fellow



(07) 4781 4191

Nathan's focus is on the impacts of coastal urban development, integrated catchment management, wetland restoration, and Indigenous environmental training.

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Dr Adam Barnett

Senior Research Scientist


Adam’s research interests include the ecology and conservation of chondrichthyans (sharks, batoids and chimaeras), teleosts and sea turtles.

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Photo of Dr Katya Abrantes

Dr Katya Abrantes

Research Fellow


Katya's area of focus is aquatic ecology, specialising in rivers and estuaries of Australia, East Africa and the Pacific Islands.

Photo of Dr Carlo Mattone

Dr Carlo Mattone




(07) 4781 5732

Carlo is a coastal and estuarine ecologist with expertise in studying and assessing water quality.

Caitlin Lennard

Research Assistant


Caitlin is the research assistant for SICEM lab and M-DataTech. She's interested in the use of technology in coastal and climate science, with a focus on fisheries, natural resource, and coastal ecosystem management.

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Photo of Dr. Michael Bradley

Dr. Michael Bradley

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Michael has a focus on how seagrass and seaweed meadows, mangrove forests, coral reefs, rivers, estuaries and wetlands underpin fish populations, fisheries and human communities. He's focused on providing relevant, context specific and data-rich science for the management of these ecosystems, by harnessing recent innovations such as Artificial Intelligence.

Postgraduate students

Cesar Herrera Acosta

PhD Candidate



(07) 4781 3273

Cesar is studying the biodiversity and ecosystem functioning relationship in estuaries, focusing on small invertebrates.

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Kevin Crook

PhD Candidate


Kevin is assessing the functional roles of rays in sandflat ecosystems.

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Sophie Walker

PhD Candidate


Sophie's research focuses on habitat complexity and connectivity in tropical estuarine ecosystems. She also has an interest in the ways state and local government and NGOs use drones to map and monitor the environment.

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Nicolas Lubitz

PhD Candidate

Nicolas is studying the drivers of large-scale movement in bull sharks and hammerheads.

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Max Hirschfeld

PhD Candidate

Max is interested in marine animals and has participated in previous research projects in the Galapagos Islands.

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Cecile Vulliet

PhD Candidate

Cecile is conducting research into saltmarsh connectivity in tropical seascapes.

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