About Us

Large jelly fish, with long stingers, floating in deep blue water.

The Lions Club of North Queensland and James Cook University have been in partnership since the early 1990s when the Australian Lions for Scientific and Medical Research on Marine Species Dangerous to Humans was founded.

The trust aims to better understand envenoming jellyfish and other marine stingers, so that there can be better management of human/animal interactions as well as improved preventative and curative measures to ensure that no sting is lethal.

The trust acknowledges that much has been learnt about the lifecycle, habitat, venom and how humans interact with dangerous stingers. However they recognise that there is still work to be done in order to identify and predict envenoming jellyfish threats and to diagnose and treat jellyfish syndromes in patients. To this end the trust provides research grants to enable better understanding about jellyfish, where they come from, and how they behave.

The trust accepts donations from the general public and business entities who are also interested in finding solutions to a problem that affects hundreds of people and communities throughout the tropics every year.