Our Research

Profile photo of two AgTAC members.
Paul Nelson with sugarcane farmer Richard Hesp

The AgTAC domains draw on the diverse strengths of our researchers and technology to lead innovation in the following areas:

Production Systems

AgTAC utilises the latest technology to improve efficiency within agricultural supply chains and production systems.

Climate Resilience

AgTAC develops models and tools to help farmers increase profits in challenging climates.

Biosecurity and Provenance

AgTAC applies advancements in machine learning to assist in the detection of and response to biosecurity threats in the agriculture sector.

Resource Stewardship

AgTAC employs newly developed systems to promote a sustainable system of resource management and use.

Agtech Domains graph

It is AgTAC’s intent to lead the innovation and adoption of technologies in the Northern Australia agriculture sector by leveraging knowledge and creativity, working closely in true partnering arrangements with local and global stakeholders to solve industry-relevant problems.  By collaborating directly with the agricultural industry AgTAC ensures that digital technologies are fit-for purpose, are more accessible and are adopted by end users.

We are currently focused on projects in the following areas:

  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things and Sensors Systems
  • Advanced Manufacturing – Rapid Design, Prototype & Test

Both our industry partners and our JCU researchers benefit from the connections forged amongst AgTAC project members. Our cooperation has promoted both innovation and sustainable progress within agriculture, as the industry grapples with a changing environment and way of life.

Discover our current projects and hear directly from our teams to witness the improvements we’re making and learn how you can become involved.

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