Our People

The AgTAC team.
AgTAC team at the 2023 Awayday in Townsville

AgTAC focuses on solving industry-relevant problems by working closely with farmers, businesses and other stakeholders within agriculture and related fields. Our research partnerships and collaborations span five continents and draw on the knowledge and creativity of the industry to accelerate the capacity for innovation within the sector.

Working both in the lab and on the ground, AgTAC places a strong emphasis on technology adoption and green finance mechanisms to ensure that digital technologies are fit-for-purpose and more accessible to both small and large operations.

The Digital Revolution offers agricultural industries enormous opportunity to implement profitable and eco-friendly ways to increase productivity under variable and changing climates. AgTAC is making significant advances on this front, and welcomes the opportunity to work with a variety of stakeholders to achieve this goal.

The approach to agriculture technology research is distinctively multidisciplinary with a focus on solution development by leveraging knowledge, creativity and innovation. JCU’s primary technology-enabling capabilities that are directly applied to the agriculture sector relevant to agriculture technology are:

  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things and Sensors Systems
  • Advanced Manufacturing — Rapid Design, Prototype & Test

AgTAC promotes sustainable farming systems that are profitable, eco-friendly and give farmers a social license to operate. We aim to build human capacity in AgTech in our region, support and mentor early career researchers, contribute true solutions to transform the food-fibre-climate-water-energy nexus using digital technologies and drive job creation and economic growth in rural and regional areas.

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