Alumni Honorary Degree and Fellowship Holders

Honorary Degree and Fellowship Holders



Professor C.A. Roderick

6 October 1977

Professor R.T. Sussex

7 February 1980

Professor W.C. Lacy

3 September 1981

Professor J.F. Ward

6 October 1983

Professor J. Oliver

9 February 1984

Professor C. Burdon-Jones

7 September 1985

Professor K.J.C. Back

6 February 1986

Professor B.C. Rennie

6 February 1986

Professor D.H. Trollope

1 October 1987

Professor R.S.F. Campbell

1 October 1987

Professor E. Scott

5 October 1989

Professor B.J. Dalton

1 February 1990

Professor G.E. Kearney

7 June 1990

Professor K.V. Sinclair

6 February 1992

Professor R. Golding

4 July 1996 (Relinquished)

Professor C.P. Harris

3 October 1996

Professor L.F. Lindoy

6 March 1997

Professor R.T. Jackson

5 February 1998

Professor Peter Arlett

3 July 1998

Professor D.J. Griffiths

3 July 1998

Professor R. Peterson

3 July 1998

Professor Rhondda Jones

1 November 2001

Professor Howard Choat

1 November 2001

Professor D.J. Close

24 February 2005

Professor A.J. Hassall

23 March 2006

Professor R.A. Henderson

7 December 2007

Professor Barbara Hayes

7 December 2007

Professor David Hopley

21 February 2008

Professor Bernard Moulden

21 February 2008

Professor Norman Palmer

4 July 2008

Professor Janet Greeley

30 September 2008

Professor Richard Pearson

10 October 2011

Professor Richard Speare

31 August 2012 (deceased)

Professor James Burnell

4 December 2014

Professor David Yellowlees

27 February 2015

Professor Ross Alford

1 April 2016

Professor Bette Willis

24 December 2016

Professor Stephen Graw

27 October 2017

Professor Helene Marsh

27 October 2017

Professor Nola Alloway

25 October 2019

Doctor of Educational Studies

1991    Sir Alkan Tololo KBE

1995    Ms Kathleen McArthur

1996    Mr Alan Ross MacKee

1997    Mr Francis (Frank) Allan Young

2003    Ms Penelope (Penny) Estelle Rosable Tripcony

2004    Dr Paul Kenneth Brock

2008    Dr (Jeannie) Heather Jeannie Herbert

2013    Associate Professor Noel Loos

2014    Emeritus Professor Allan Luke

2018    Mrs Lauretta Elizabeth Graham

Doctor of Letters

1986    Mr George Vivian Roberts CBE

1988    His Excellency the Hon. Sir Walter Benjamin Campbell Kt cr

1989    Mr Keith Neville Patrick Chester

1991    Mr John Coburn AM

1993    The Hon. Sir Joseph Patrick (George) Kneipp Kt cr

1994    Sir Francis Thomas Moore AO Kt cr

1994    Sir Robert Henry Norman OBE

1995    Mrs Joan Innes Reid AM

1999    The Hon. Keith Ernest De Lacy

2001    The Hon. Margaret Reynolds

2001    Mr Arnold “Puggy” Hunter

2002    Dr Evelyn Ruth Scott

2002    Lady Florence (Pearl) Logan MBE

2003    Professor Sharon Mary Sullivan

2003    Hon. Justice Michael Donald Kirby AC CMG

2004    Mr Percy James Trezise AM

2004    Bishop Raymond Conway Benjamin DD Bishop Emeritus of Townsville

2005    Dr Dorothy (Dot) Merle Cole

2005    Mr Tommy George

2005    Mr George Musgrave

2005    Dr Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher James AO

2007    Mr Peter Laurence Black OAM

2009    Mr Ernest (Ernie) Hoolihan

2010    Mr Ernie Grant

2013    Mr George Skeene

2015    Mr Johnathon Dean Thurston AM

2017    Dame Carol Kidu DBE

2018    Mrs Ernestine Bonita Mabo AO

Doctor of Science

1995    Professor Emeritus Kenneth John Campbell Back AO

1995    Dr Barbara Joan Stelling

1999    Dr Christopher John Crossland

2001    Mr Richard Ambrose Kenchington

2005    Dr Douglas Bruce Copeman AO

2006    Sir Sydney Schubert

2007    The Hon. Dr Michael Richard Lewis Wooldridge

2007    Dr John Barton Best AM

2008    Professor John Hemsley Pearn Major General (Ret’d) AM KStJ RFD

2008    Major Leslie James Hiddins AM (Ret’d)

2009    The Hon Virginia Anne Chadwick AO

2012    Professor Peter Andrews AO

2013    Dr Ian Raymond Poiner

2015    Emeritus Professor John Howard Choat

2017    Commodore Andrew Robertson CSC PSM

2017    Mr Robert Jago

2018    Professor Ian Thomas Ring AO

Doctor of Engineering

1980    Sir George Read Fisher Kt cr CMG BE Adel HonLLD Qld

1994    Mr John McGillivray McIntyre AM OBE BE NZ FTS FICE Hon FIEAust

1995    Mr Kevin John Macks AM ASTC LFRAIA FAIB AIArbA FFAICD

2008    Mr Donald George Fry AO DipEng (Mech&Elec) Hon FIEAust CEng MIMarE MRINA FTSE

Doctor of Medicine

2018    Ms Marita Cowie AM

2019    Dr Christopher Kennedy OAM

Doctor of the University

1998    Professor Emeritus Kenneth Richard McKinnon AO

2000    Mr John Williams

2005    Mr Gregory Neville Whitmore

2008    Emeritus Professor Bernard Paul Moulden AM

2008    Mr Henry Heng Jee Kwang

2008    Her Excellency Ms Quentin Alice Louise Bryce AC DStJ

2013    Her Excellency Ms Penelope Anne Wensley AC DStJ Gr Officier de l’Ordre National du Mérite France

2014    Mr David Dahwurri Hudson

2015    Dr Dennis Trewin AO

2015    Mr Piers Lane AO

2015    Dr Lim Neo Chian

2016    His Excellency Mr Phillip Green OAM

2016    Lieutenant General John Cedric Grey, AC (Ret’d)

2018    Mr Yeo Li Pheow

2018    Mr Clive Skarott AM

Doctor of Commerce

2004    Mr Ronald Keith Ireland OAM

2009    Mr George Edward Chapman AO

2013    Mr (Bill) Foo Say Mui

2014    Mr Les Tyrell OAM

2017    Mr John Herbert Morris

Doctor of Laws

2007    The Hon. Justice Keiran Anthony (Kerry) Cullinane

2011    The Hon. Justice Stanley Graham Jones AO

Fellow of the University

2009    Professor Gail Mackay

2010    Ms Carmel Daveson AM

2011    Associate Professor Barry Osborne

The details in this list have been checked against records of the University and other available sources. In each instance, the quoted titles and honorifics are those believed to have applied at the time the award was bestowed. While every care has been taken in compiling this list, errors may remain or details may be incomplete. To effect a correction, please contact the Secretary, Awards and Ceremonies Committee, James Cook University on 4781 4784.

Doctor of Educational Studies

1992   Professor Emeritus Edward Scott AM

Doctor of Engineering

1988   Professor Emeritus David Hugh Trollope

Doctor of Laws

2012   The Honorable Ian Callinan AC

Doctor of Letters

1982   His Excellency the Right Honorable Sir Zelman Cowen AK GCMG GCVO KStJ QC

1991   Professor Emeritus Colin Arthur Roderick CBE

1992   Professor Emeritus Brian James Dalton

1993   Professor Emeritus Keith Val Sinclair AO Officier de l'Ordre National du Merite France Commendatore nell'Ordine al Merito Italy Officier de l'Ordre de la Couronne Belgium Commandeur de l'Ordre des Palmes Academiques France Officier de l'Ordre de Merite Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

2003   The Honorable Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG

2003   Sharon Mary Sullivan

2011   Donat Gallagher

2012   Professor Henry Reynolds

2017   Adjunct Professor Robert Dixon

Doctor of Science

1988   Professor Emeritus Roderick Samuel Fisher Campbell

2003   Dr Ralph Owen Slatyer AO AC

2005   Professor Joseph Thomas Baker AO OBE

2008   The Honorable Doctor Basil Hetzel AC

2009   Professor Emeritus Robert Porter AC

The details in this list have been checked against the historical records of the University (principally its Graduation Booklets) and other available sources.  In each instance, the quoted titles and honorifics are those believed to have applied at the time the award was bestowed.

Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this list, errors may remain or details may be incomplete.  To effect a correction, please contact the Secretariat at James Cook University at