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Conversations with Alumni Series

The Conversations with Alumni webinar series is hosted by JCU's Alumni team. The online series features JCU alumni from around the world discussing topical global issues of the moment.

Previous webinars

Future of Energy: Fuel and Flicking Switches

We live in an ever-increasingly energy-thirsty world. Our mouths, our devices, our houses and our cars all require more fuel than ever before. What does the future of energy look like as economics, rising populations and sustainability collide?

Understanding our Region: Australia, Asia and the Tropics

Australia lies within the Asia-Pacific region, with interwoven relations and links to South-East Asia through trade, diplomacy and the millions of its citizens born there. Nonetheless, ‘Asia literacy’ is seen by some as sorely lacking amongst Australians. Join our expert alumni panel as they explore the connections between Australia and the nations that surround it.

Sharing the Earth: Humans, Fauna and Flora - 10th March 2021

Throughout this session our panellists look to explore the interrelationship between the occupants of the Earth: humanity and nature. What are the critical issues facing the world’s fauna, flora and humans? Amidst diminishing resources, how do we all share the planet sustainably?

Episode 4: 2020 an Unparalleled Year in Review - November 2020

2020 has been an extraordinary and unparalleled year in global history. In this session, Jack Growden (JCU, Alumni Relations) is joined by Natasha Smith (DFAT, High Commissioner to Canada), Dr Alex Robson (DFAT, Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the OECD), and Associate Professor Erin Bromage (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Associate Professor [Biology]) to explore the economic, socio-political and health impacts of the difficult times we have recently endured.

Episode 3: Adapting to Life with Artificial Intelligence and IoT - September 2020

Former Chancellor Bill Tweddell (JCU), Professor Ian Atkinson (JCU), and Andrea Della Mattea (Microsoft) explore how societies and individuals can adapt to a rapidly-changing human experience increasingly living alongside and amongst forms of artificial intelligence.The age of artificial intelligence is one of the most punctuating moments in history which we all get to witness first-hand, our panelists provide fascinating insights into how our species will navigate this mesmerising chapter of the human narrative.

Episode 2: Bridging Rising Global Inequalities - August 2020

Our panelists examine the current state of the world through the lens of the concerning trend of rising inequalities between nations and between individuals across practically every aspect of human development. The session explores how we could create a more equitable and inclusive global society, and whether the Sustainable Development Goals framework is adequate enough to empower growing altruism and generosity to triumph over greed and discrimination. Panelists include: Professor Sandra Harding AO (Vice-Chancellor and President, James Cook University), Professor David Hulme OBE (Professor of Development Studies, Global Development Institute) and Dr Rose Evaster-Aderolili (former Chief of Social Development Program, UNECA).

Episode 1: Leadership, Diplomacy and Compassion in a Restless World - July 2020

Throughout this session, former JCU Chancellor Bill Tweddell, Julie-Ann Guivarra (Ambassador for Gender Equality, DFAT), and Winsome Denyer (Producer & Researcher, ABC) explore the current state of the world and how leadership, diplomacy, and compassion will be vital in emerging from the difficult times we find ourselves in at present.