Operating for more than a decade, the ATSIMS (core) program annually expands its collaborative networks within the industry and amplifies engagement with local schools to further its outreach. This progress is well aligned with the efforts of our industry partners which actively forge alliances with Traditional Owner groups and integrate these collaborations into their structure creating employment opportunities.

We extend our outreach beyond the core program by leveraging our network of stakeholders and industry partners in the form of the Beyond ATSIMS program - a new development in our continued program success!

The Beyond ATSIMS program will develop a talent pipeline of engaged, confident First Nations youth with a growing network of pre-professional mentors capable of seeking out and achieving employment in the marine science and management industry in North Queensland. Through the careful curation of work experience, training and skills development opportunities for inspired youth delivered by culturally respectful industry partnerships, Beyond ATSIMS will offer connections towards securing better employment outcomes for First Nations youth following school and/or tertiary training. This program's broader impact will have lasting impacts on the representation, cultural preservation integration and community engagement of First Nations youth in the marine science and management industries.