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F.J. Pollock

Welcome to the ATSIMS Alumni Community! As a part of our alumni family, you have joined a network that spans almost ten years. Members of this network have built meaningful lives, are entering marine management careers and higher education studies, and are continually seeking new discoveries that make a difference to Land and Sea Country. As you progress into this next stage of your journey, I wish you all the best for your time ahead and encourage you to stay connected with ATSIMS. I look forward to your attendance at an alumni event in the future.

F.J. Pollock - Founder ATSIMS, James Cook University

Wadda Mooli | Facebook Alumni Account

Want to be in the know?

Want to be part of a like-minded group of young adults?

Want to share your ATSIMS journey and beyond?

Click on the image below and join our Facebook Alumni Account: Wadda Mooli. Here you'll find an active community group for our ATSIMS Alumni. Not sure if you're an ATSIMS Alumni, find out more information below.

Wadda Mooli Alumni facebook account

As an active member of the ATSIMS Alumni family, you can meet, learn from and mentor other ATSIMS participants in the Townsville and North Queensland region. You are automatically an alum of ATSIMS if you successfully graduated from the program during your participation.

ATSIMS considers you a part of our wider alumni family if you:

  • Are a current and former ATSIMS scholar who has successfully completed the equivalent of at least three program modules;
  • Are a current and past school staff member who attended an ATSIMS program;
  • Are a recipient of an ATSIMS Top Scholar Award, Highly Commended Award or an Orphies Film Award;
  • Are a program partner, volunteer, or sponsor to ATSIMS.

As an alumnus of ATSIMS, you are one of over 300 across North Queensland who has used their skills, honed at ATSIMS, to contribute to life in the Tropics and beyond. We'd love to hear from you, about your exciting career, amazing achievements or life journey after high school.

Have you updated your contact details with us? Please get in touch through our Contacts page or our Facebook Alumni Account: Wadda Mooli to share these today.

Keeping your details updated helps us to send you invitations to the latest events and activities happening, as well as interesting news from James Cook University and the wider community.

An Alumni Network connects you, as a graduating ATSIMS Scholar, with a number of professionals and industry contacts and other graduates from the ATSIMS Program including our Partners and Sponsors! You can join us on our  Facebook Alumni Account: Wadda Mooli to find out more today.

Our Alumni Network aims to:

  • Support alumni who wish to keep in touch with each other;
  • Foster an active interest in ATSIMS;
  • Organise professional networking and social activities;
  • Communicate alumni views, needs, and interests to ATSIMS;
  • Play an active part in mentoring programs for graduating school students;
  • Mobilise alumni to support James Cook University;
  • Coordinate events and reunions to engage in connection with others.

Your journey with ATSIMS doesn't have to end at the Program Graduation!

The value of 'giving back' to ATSIMS as an alumnus is difficult to quantify because it's so valuable. By sharing your time, knowledge, or expertise you can help mentor and educate our marine leaders of tomorrow as an Ambassador or a Mentor, you can read about Our People in these roles and their happenings in our Newsletter too.

An ATSIMS Ambassador is a representative and promoter of the ATSIMS program in the wider community. They are invited to attend and contribute throughout the program for the duration of the year and are generally engaged in the field or studies of marine science and management. Ambassadors are upcoming or established professionals who are keen to share their knowledge and experiences.

An ATSIMS Mentor is a previous participant of the ATSIMS program and has experienced the program modules and activities firsthand. They are invited to support current students engaging in the program by offering guidance, motivation, and role modelling for the duration of the year. Mentors are generally just out of high school themselves and can connect easily with others.

Please get in touch with us through our Contacts page if you are interested in either of these positions!