Dr Allison Paley

Dr. Allison Paley is a Marine Biologist and researcher in the fields of coral biology and coral eco-physiology. She has been a James Cook University (JCU) staff member for over 18 years including roles as a lecturer and university subject coordinator.

Dr. Paley is passionate about the scholarship of learning, higher education, and marine science education. She has more than 15 years of experience working with primary, secondary, and tertiary students supporting learning about coral reefs through experiential marine education initiatives. She contributed to the ATSIMS program in 2014 helping to develop activities and field guides.

For the last year, Allison has worked as the Education Officer for Orpheus Island Research Station developing the curriculum for their emerging Classroom on the Reef education program. Additionally, Allison teaches Marine Science and Applied Marine Science, virtually, as a Go Instructor with Astra Nova School (Los Angeles, USA).

It's Dr. Paley's personal mission to convert all those she encounters into lovers of coral and foster appreciation for the complexity of coral reefs.