JCU has a combination of insurance policies in place to meet legal obligations and to protect its people, assets and activities.

JCU renews its insurance policies on 1 November each year.

You should contact the insurance office:

  • After an injury or incident that may give rise to an insurance claim;
  • On shipment of goods valued over $750,000 or when goods are to be transported under a temperature controlled environment or live/biological samples, such as research material; or
  • To discuss any significant changes in activities that may affect insurance coverage.

This list is not exhaustive.

JCU's insurance polices are subject to excesses/deductibles, which may be payable by the relevant area of operation making the insurance claim.

For further information regarding JCU’s insurance program or making a claim, refer to the below links, or contact JCU's Insurance Office on (07) 4781 4882 or