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Undergraduate entry requirements

There are two key things we take into account when deciding who can enter one of our courses:

  • Have you earned the right ATAR or selection rank?

  • Have you studied the prerequisite subjects?

Year 12 applicants need to gain a Queensland ATAR or equivalent interstate rank (TER, UAI, ENTER) high enough to secure a place in their chosen course.

ATAR details for JCU courses are shown on the webpage for that course.

They are also in the QTAC Guide or QTAC online.

Our students must have a level of knowledge of certain subjects before they can start a course. We do this to make sure you can succeed in studying the course.

For example, if you have not studied Physics at High School, it would be very hard for you to study Physics at a university level.

We use your achievement in a subject at High School as a measure of your level of knowledge. The minimum achievement level is called a prerequisite.

Subject prerequisites are expressed as achievement in specific Year 12 subjects.

For example, most of our courses have the successful completion of ‘English’ as a prerequisite. In this case, ‘English’ is the Queensland Studies Authority subject English, or an interstate equivalent.

Successful completion means:

  • You studied the subject ‘English’ over 4 semesters (ie Years 11 and 12).

  • You received an overall Exit Assessment of Sound Achievement or better.

In fact, completing English, Maths B and Chemistry during years 11 and 12 will give students the best range of options. JCU does offer some bridging courses in Maths and Chemistry, some available in intensive mode over the summer vacation.

You can find the prerequisite subjects and other admission requirements for each JCU course on the ‘Apply now’ page for the course, as you can see below for the Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology).

They can also be found in the publication QTAC Guide (available for purchase from most Queensland newsagents), or QTAC online.

If you haven’t successfully completed the subjects in Year 12, there may be other ways of meeting the prerequisites.

For example,

You should call us on 1800 246 446 to find out the best way for you to meet the prerequisites for your chosen course.

International applicants for undergraduate programs should contact James Cook International for entry requirements, including language requirements, and application procedures.

Some courses at JCU have additional entry requirements. Below is a list of study areas and the additional entry requirements for them.

Education, Community Welfare and Social Work courses

Applicants for these courses must apply for a ‘Blue Card’ before they can commence their community placements. A Blue Card is a ‘Working with Children Check’ issued by the Queensland Commission for Children, Young People and Child Guardian

Medicine and Health Science courses

Applicants for the Bachelor degrees in Dentistry, Medicine or Veterinary Science must submit a separate internal application form by the last working day of September. These application forms can be downloaded from Application Forms.

Queensland Health requires all health care students be immunised against Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR), Pertussis and Varicella. To comply, JCU has made these immunisation requirements a condition of enrolment into all courses involving Professional Experience Placement in Queensland Health facilities. Students must be immunised against Hepatitis B, MMR , Pertussis and Varicella  prior to their first Professional Experience  Placement or by the end of their first teaching period, whichever occurs first.

Most courses also require students to have a ‘Working with Children Check’ (Blue Card), prior to their first Professional Experience Placement or by the end of the first teaching period, whichever occurs first. For further details on Professional Experience Placement requirements for a health courses, see the JCU Preparing for Placement website.

Working with Children Check – Queensland’s Blue Card System

The "Blue card" can be an essential requirement when hosting students on placement. Below are links that detail what it is for, why it is necessary, and how to apply for one.

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