PEP Allocation and Preferences

InPlace is JCU’s placement management system through which all student PEPs are managed. InPlace is used to:

  • allocate students’ PEP
  • notify students of PEP allocation
  • co-ordinate and manage other PEP-related processes.

You can use InPlace to:

  • review the status of your PPRs
  • check your PEP allocation, including the dates
  • see your PEP history.

InPlace uses the contact details you add to the JCU student information system. Keep these current so the PEP Unit can easily contact you about your PEP. The PEP team only sends PEP advice to your JCU email address. Please check your email regularly for PEP communication.

Please remember your enrolment must remain current to access InPlace. Students are required to check this information on a regular basis as preference dates open will be advised via LearnJCU announcements.

Students also may submit a preference for a particular region or date from the published list by logging onto InPlace and submit preferences electronically. Efforts are made by the PEP team to accommodate your preference requests; however this cannot be guaranteed. Previous placements (in-town, out-of-town, medical, surgical, or community) are reviewed and considered when allocating each student’s PEP to ensure equitable and educationally sound experiences.

Specific facility requests are to be emailed to

For any exceptions or extenuating circumstances considerations, please make an appointment to discuss these with Academic Lead: Professional Practice/Academic Lead: Practice Integration via Supporting medical or other documentation needs to be submitted using the JCU Special Consideration form and also emailed to