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Special consideration

Special Consideration takes into account short-term and/or unforeseen circumstances (known as Extenuating Circumstances) that substantially affects a student's ability to complete an assessment item.

It is not intended for the management of long-term illnesses, disabilities, or other ongoing circumstances.

It is important to read and understand the application types below, including the difference between assessment items that take place within the study period and the formal examination period. Incorrect form submissions will result in delays and resubmission may be required.

If you are submitting a Special Consideration application because your circumstances are due to being COVID-19 positive or a close contact with symptoms and required to isolate you can provide evidence as follows:

  • an image of any communications (including text messages) received in regards to a positive PCR test and/or requirement to isolate; or
  • in the case of Rapid Antigen Test, if no other supporting information is available, an image of the Rapid Antigen Test Registration from QLD Health (or similar from other states and territories) with details and submission confirmation.

In all circumstances, follow the guidelines set out by the Queensland Government.

Application Types

There is one application form that covers the below application types:

Assessments During the Study Period
'During the study period' refers to assessments that take place whilst teaching is occurring. For Study Periods 1 and 2, this would be the 13 teaching weeks and for Trimesters, it would be the 10 teaching weeks.

Application types during the study period:

  1. Request to extend the due date of an assessment (assessment extension)
    Example: An assignment is due on the 20th of the month and you need to request an extension until the 25th.
  2. Request to reschedule the start date/time of an assessment
    Example: There is an exam or practical to be held in class or online in week 6. You cannot attend due to extenuating circumstances and therefore need to apply to reschedule the exam or practical to another day and/or time.
  3. Notification of missing a compulsory laboratory/practical/class or mandatory attendance requirement
    Example: It is a subject requirement that you must attend a laboratory or tutorial each week however, you cannot make one of the classes due to extenuating circumstances. There is a requirement to notify the subject coordinator of your non-attendance.

Formal Examination Period
The formal exam period is a scheduled period at the end of a teaching period. Students will receive an email prior to this time with their formal exam timetable.

Application types during the formal examination period:

  1. Deferring an end of study period exam
    Example: The formal exam has been timetabled for the Friday of the formal exam week. You cannot attend due to extenuating circumstances which occur on Thursday. You will need to request a deferral of the exam until the supplementary/deferred exam period.
  2. Notification of adverse impact
    Example: The formal exam has been timetabled for the Friday of the formal exam week. You become ill on Thursday however, you recover enough to attend the exam on Friday although you felt that your academic performance was impacted due to the extenuating circumstance that occurred.

Application Timeframes

  1. Request to extend the due date of an assessment (extension): Applications are to be submitted prior to the due date.
  2. All other special consideration application types: Must be submitted no later than 3 University working days after the date scheduled for the assessment or learning activity.

When completing the Special Consideration Application Form you must provide independent supporting documentation.

Refer to the Extenuating Circumstances Supporting Documentation webpage to ensure that you are supplying the correct documentation, as this will improve the turnaround time of your application.

Please remember that you will need to lodge an application form per subject and per assessment item. If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances which impacts multiple assessments or subjects, you will need to lodge an application for each one.