PEP Organisation

Professional experience placements (PEP) are selected according to the clinical experience availability and their suitability to meet the subject learning objectives. Students must be aware PEP availability is finite and limited to designated PEP timeframes. To enable students to meet subject requirements PEP is arranged wherever an appropriate experience is available. For equity to all students must expect to undertake up to 50% of allocated placement in an area outside of their main campus.

Please note Section 6.1 of the JCU Coursework Enrolment ProcedureWhere a course includes prescribed professional or clinical placements, students may be required to undertake such placements away from the campus at which they are enrolled at their own expense.

The BNSc program has 880 PEP hours. The BNSc-BMid program includes the 880 nursing PEP hours and 1040 midwifery PEP hours totalling 1920 PEP hours. Students enrolled in BNSc-BMid program must also attend Continuity of Care experiences (CCE) for which are additional hours to PEP.

Please review the JCU Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNSc) and Bachelor of Nursing Science - Bachelor of Midwifery (BNSc-BMid) Year Planners.

Professional experience placement is an essential component of students’ education and prepares students for registration by providing students opportunities to assume their professional responsibilities of a registered nurse/or registered midwife.

For this reason, activities such as employment, athletic endeavours, holidays, family commitments including non-urgent appointments, and Army Reserve experience, although important cannot take priority over the student’s PEP learning. PEP is also a priority over personal celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.

All undergraduate students who undertake a course that includes prescribed professional experience placements must be aware of the Professional Experience Placement Procedures for students (PDF, 449 KB).