Pre-Placement Requirements (PPRs)

The College of Healthcare Sciences has binding agreements with all facilities and organisations providing PEP. In accordance with these contracts and other legal obligations students must complete the mandatory pre-placement requirements (PPR) to be eligible for PEP allocation.  As a JCU professional experience student it is your responsibility to ensure all pre-placement requirements (PPRs) are met within the prescribed timeframe as per the Professional Experience Placement Requirements Procedure, otherwise sanctions may be applied to your enrolment in the course.

Students who have not submitted all PPRs are unable to attend PEP - see Professional Experience Placement Mandatory Requirements guidelines and checklists for Nursing and Midwifery for pre-placement requirements.

Please ensure you have all hard copies of completed MANDATORY PEP documents within your Professional Experience Placement Document folder with you during your PEP. Facility staff will ask to review these documents. It is your responsibility to produce these when requested. If you are unable to do so; your PEP will be suspended until you are able to do so.

PEP identification badges - are issued to you via the clinical office only after all mandatory PEP requirements are completed.

Coursework requirements - Subject specific requirements which must be passed prior to PEP are found within the respective subject outlines.