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About MARF

Discover what MARF has to offer

Located at the JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, MARF features eight large recirculating marine water systems supplying outdoor, undercover, and indoor lab areas as well as twenty-one indoor temperature controlled research labs, eleven of which have their own dedicated recirculating life support systems (LSS) for high resolution or specifically modified research projects.

  • Over 1.4 million litres of seawater is continuously circulating through biological filters and bioremediation tanks to help maintain exceptional water quality
  • Three separate aquarium compounds supporting 21 research laboratories with temperature and light control
  • Salt and freshwater research systems
  • A teaching facility equipped with a lecture theatre and adjacent wet lab incorporating two recirculating life support systems
  • All research labs and operating systems are supported by an alarm system which can monitor any required parameter.
    MARF staff are on call 24/7 to resolve any issues out of hours