Orpheus Education Classroom on the Reef

Classroom on the Reef

Classroom on the Reef is a collaboration between James Cook University, OIRS and Education Queensland to produce and provide online education resources. In addition to our live streaming camera from OIRS in Pioneer Bay and Rocky beach we can also access environmental data from our sensor network.

See what is happening underwater at Orpheus Island

We have four live cameras on Orpheus Island; two in Pioneer Bay and two on Rocky Beach. We don't have lights installed so if it isn't daylight on Orpheus Island you won't see anything. To see the Live Stream or to watch highlights that we've recorded from this camera, you can Meet the Residents on the Classroom on the Reef.

The Pioneer Bay camera is situated between a bommie (mixed coral outcrop) and an acropora outcrop. Most of the time it will be facing the bommie but occasionally you may see a view of the acropora, or else looking above the camera or otherwise slowly scanning all around.

This camera is overlooking Rocky Beach on the eastern side of Orpheus Island, looking out towards the ocean and our second underwater camera.