FMPM 740 Travel 

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The intent of this policy is to ensure that all official University business travel is:

  • undertaken as efficiently and economically as possible, taking into consideration the nature of the business and travel requirements;

  • to ensure the University fulfils its duty of care obligations to staff who undertake University travel; and

  • to maintain accurate financial and non-financial travel records.



Responsibility of

Approval of:

staff absences on travel, travel plan and purpose of travel report

Domestic Travel

Head of Organisational Unit subject to the one up approval rule

International Travel

Head of Organisational Unit subject to the one up

approval rule; and

Chancellor or Senior Executive (Vice Chancellor and members of the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee)

Approval of Travel by Associates

Vice-Chancellor or Chancellor

Approval of travel costs

Financial Delegate

Approval of membership of airline club

Head of Organisational Unit, Director, Senior Executive

Acquittal of travel


Establishment and review of the University’s travel arrangements


Establishment and review of travel allowances

Director, Financial and Business Services

Compliance with travel policy

Head of Organisational Unit

Compliance with related legislation

Director, Financial and Business Services


One-up Authorisation

Official University Business

Domestic Travel

International Travel

Best Fare of the Day

Expense Management System

Reasonable Travel Expenses


  • All travel must be approved prior to being booked and undertaken;

  • A Travel Requisition must be completed via the University’s Expense Management System (EMS) for all University travel, including travel undertaken at no cost to the University.  (Students and non-staff Council members must complete a manual/paper travel requisition)

  • All University travellers must check the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) Smart Traveller website for any travel advisories or warnings that apply to intended travel destinations;

  • All air travel and domestic car hire must be booked through the contracted Travel Management Companies (TMCs);

  • All University travel must be undertaken in economy class unless otherwise stipulated;

  • All University travellers must select the Best Fare of the Day, regardless of personal airline preferences;

  • The standard for accommodation is business class hotels convenient to the place of business;

  • Travellers should select the most time efficient, safe and cost effective means of ground transport;

  • The University may fund business airline club/ lounge memberships for travellers who have a justified need (e.g. undertake University travel more than five (5) times each year;

  • Frequent flyer points accumulated while undertaking University travel can be offset against subsequent University travel;

  • Travellers must ensure that they comply with any relevant immigration requirements prior to undertaking travel;

(Note: Passports must be valid for at least six (6) months following the date of return to Australia)

  • All travellers are required to provide contact details in their traveller profile with the University’s TMCs;

  • The University will cover pre-approved ‘reasonable’ travel expenses incurred while undertaking University travel;

  • The University will pay actual travel costs, with the exception of camping allowance, field trip allowance, incidental allowance, private motor vehicle allowance and living away from home allowance;

  • The University corporate credit card is the preferred method of payment for all actual University travel expenses, and must be used where possible;

  • Cash advances should not be normally be used unless in connection with approved University travel in exceptional circumstances, where the University corporate credit card cannot be used for some travel expenses and where these travel expenses are of a significant value;

  • All travel expense transactions paid with a corporate credit card, including cash advances, will be reported in the University’s EMS and must be acquitted within 21 days of the completion of travel or, if the travel related expense is incurred before travel, acquittal should be completed before the start of travel;

  • All supporting documents (tax invoices, receipts, statutory declarations etc.) must be retained for the required period as stated in FMPM 741: Procedure – Travel;

  • The University will not pay for any personal or private travel component;

  • The University’s insurance policy provides cover for authorised University travel for a continuous period of up to nine (9) months to destinations in excess of 50km from the place of residence or business (excluding commuting);

  • The University will meet certain costs relating to approved travel by Members of Council and Committee Members;

  • The University will meet certain costs relating to approved travel by enrolled Higher Degree and Final Year Honours students;

  • Expenses relating to Students (enrolled students other than Higher Degree and Final Year Honours) travelling will only be met by the University with the approval of the relevant Head of Organisational Unit/Senior Executive; and

  • The University will not meet any cost incurred for an accompanying spouse, partner or dependant.

Note: The Vice Chancellor will review the University’s travel arrangements at least once every five (5) years.

Related documents, legislation or JCU Statutes

Directive No.9/11 Domestic Travelling and Relieving Expenses

Financial Accountability Act 2009

Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009

Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

Industrial Relations Act (Qld) 1999

Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986

Payroll Tax Act 1971

Public Sector Ethics Act (Qld) 1994

Public Service Commission - Policies and Procedures

Public Service Regulation 2008

State Procurement Policy (published by the Queensland Government)

Various Tax Rulings, as applicable

Work Health and Safety Act (Qld) 2011

Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003

Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulation

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Finance Committee

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