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Awards for Excellence

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The Awards for Excellence are designed to recognise staff who demonstrate outstanding achievement in activities that are aligned to the University’s Strategic Intent and the University Plan.

The number of awards granted each year will be determined by the University Awards Committee in accordance with the quality of nominations received.


All ongoing and fixed term Academic, Professional and Technical staff are eligible to be nominated for a University Award for Excellence.

An award may be granted to an individual or to a team of people. Teams may be of any size. Previous award winners are ineligible to be nominated for another award for a period of 3 years.


Nominations for the University Awards for Excellence will be based on one or more of the following areas:

  • Client Service
  • Community Engagement
  • Innovative and Change
  • Research
  • Leadership
  • Reconciliation, and
  • Cross-unit Collaboration.

Recipients will be recognised by:

  • A certificate detailing the specific reasons for the award
  • Individual award payments of $5,000 each, and
  • Team awards of $15,000 per team.

The award money may be paid as a one-off non-superannuable salary payment or may be directed to a University ‘college fund’ to be used at the recipient’s discretion for work-related purposes (e.g. equipment purchases or to offset costs of participation in conferences, seminars or training courses). Relevant taxation will apply to any salary payment.

Any equipment purchased by the University with award monies remains the property of the University and should conform to appropriate expenditure of University funds.

Where team awards are made award money will be divided evenly between team members.

Award recipients who are no longer employed by the University at the time of announcement of awards will be issued an Award Certificate but will not be entitled to award money.

Relevant JCU Documents

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Awards for excellence