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HDR Under Review Procedure

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To manage the progress of a Higher Degree by Research Candidate whose current performance is of concern with a view to rectifying the problem in a constructive manner that is transparent to the Candidate.

This Procedure elaborates the Under Review section of the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Requirements.


This Procedure applies to Candidates for the research higher degrees offered by the University..


Terms mentioned in this document and not defined here are defined in the Policy Glossary in the Learning and Teaching domain of the University Policy Library, and in the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Requirements.


1. A Candidate may have their candidature placed Under Review at any time after enrolment and prior to conferral for reasons outlined in point 2.

2. The Dean, Graduate Research may place a Candidate Under Review for reasons including, but not limited to:

a. Unsatisfactory progress as demonstrated by:

  • Unsuccessful outcome of a required milestone evaluation
  • An assessment of ‘Progress Requires Review’ on a progress report more than once during candidature
  • A grade of ‘Fail’ or ‘Conceded Pass’ for any required HDR subject.

b. Delayed progress without approved extension as demonstrated by:

  • Failure to complete a required milestone or progress report by the due date
  • Exceeding the duration of the degree without an approved extension
  • Failure to submit the thesis for examination or re-examination by the due date
  • Exceeding the duration of any approved extension

c. Failure to maintain contact with the Advisory Panel, College (or equivalent) or Graduate Research School for 3 months or more.

d. A breach of relevant University policy that is not considered sufficiently serious to warrant immediate discontinuation of candidature.

3. If an ADRE submits a request to the Dean, Graduate Research that a candidate be placed Under Review outside of a milestone outcome or progress report outcome recommendation, the following information must accompany that request:

  • candidature details
  • reason for recommending “Under Review”
  • reason behind using “Under Review” rather than “Progress Support”
  • evidence that the candidate has been advised that the recommendation is being made, and what the process is
  • evidence that the ADRE has consulted with the Advisor Panel on the recommendation that is being made, and what the process is

4. The Candidate placed Under Review must be notified in writing within ten (10) University working days by the Graduate Research School.

5. The College ADRE or nominee must meet with a Candidate who has been put Under Review and their Advisory Panel to discuss the reasons for being placed Under Review as well as the significance, implications and expectations of being Under Review for all parties involved, including the following requirements:

  • All parties must adhere to the agreement
  • The Candidate must keep minutes of any meetings between the Candidate and Advisors and provide them to the Advisors within 3 working days of the meeting
  • The Candidate has the opportunity to outline any mitigating circumstances which may prevent them from achieving the requirements of the Candidature Management Plan, and must produce evidence of any mitigating circumstances.

6. Candidates who are Under Review must develop and submit a Candidature Management Plan on the HDR Candidature Management Plan and Evaluation Form, which must be endorsed by the Candidature Committee and ADRE and submitted to the Graduate Research School within twenty (20) University working days of the Candidate being notified under 3 above.  The duration of the Candidature Management Plan, which can be up to 6 months, must also be agreed by the Candidate and Candidature Committee at this stage.

7. Candidates who fail to submit an approved Candidature Management Plan within this time may be subject to the HDR Discontinuation of Candidature Procedure.

8. At the end of the specified Under Review period, the Candidate, Advisory Panel, Independent Academic and Chair of the Candidature Committee must meet to assess the Candidate’s progress in relation to the agreed conditions in the HDR Candidature Management Plan and Evaluation Form. This is also an opportunity for the candidate to present their case if not all the requirements of the Candidature Management Plan were met.  The Chair of the Candidature Committee and the Independent Academic must record their assessment of the Candidate’s progress on the HDR Candidature Management Plan and Evaluation Form, the Candidate and the Primary Advisor may be asked to leave the room while the decision is reached. All parties must then be advised of the result of this decision and sign the HDR Candidature Management Plan and Evaluation Form to acknowledge that they are aware of the result.  The Candidature Committee must make one of the following recommendations to the Dean, Graduate Research as per the HDR Candidature Management Plan and Evaluation Form :

a. That the Candidate has met the conditions in their Candidature Management Plan and the candidature be continued without penalty.

b. That the Candidate has partially met the conditions in their Candidature Management Plan or has identified previously unendorsed mitigating circumstances which have led to non-completion of the requirements, and that the Under Review period be continued for a further specified period, with another review to occur at the end of that period.

c. That the Candidate has failed to meet the conditions in their Candidature Management Plan and that the candidature be discontinued in accordance with the HDR Discontinuation of Candidature Procedure.

9. The Candidature Management Plan Evaluation must be provided to the Dean, Graduate Research via the Graduate Research School who will notify the Candidate of the approved course of action.

10. A Candidate may appeal the outcome of their Under Review period by referring to Clause 3 of the Student Complaint Management Policy and Procedure.

11. A Candidate who has been placed Under Review will remain enrolled and is subject to all conditions and policies applicable to an enrolled student, including continued receipt of any stipend of fee-offset scholarships that have been awarded, and liability for all tuition and other fees required by the University.

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