Microbiological Incident


Upon finding a suspicious unidentified substance:

  • Remain Calm.

  • Try to obtain, through observation only, as much information about the substance possible.

  • Do not disturb the substance, or its container.

  • Do not touch or permit others to touch the substance do not attempt to clean or remove substance.

  • If the substance is on clothing do not attempt to brush off clothing.

  • If possible, place an object (eg, plastic bin) over the package or substance and any item used in the opening of the item without disturbing it.

  • Stay where you are. This also applies to other people in the same room. Prevent others from entering the area and becoming contaminated.

  • Contact your supervisor and then the Queensland Fire Service, through (0)000, notify JCU Security (478)-15555 or 1800675559 (Toll Free)

  • Keep your hands away from your face to avoid contaminating your eyes, nose and mouth.

  • If possible (without leaving your immediate location) wash your hands.

  • If possible have the building ventilations system shut down, turn off any fans, computers and equipment that is circulating air in your location.

Do not set off the Fire Alarm

Wait for help to arrive.