The Strategic Procurement Group (SPG) is responsible for all aspects of procurement for the University.

We provide expertise, guidance and processes for the purchase of goods and services for the whole of JCU. Our aim to have effective commercial and sustainable relationships with suppliers for the benefit of JCU and to provide simple processes for the purchase of goods and services. FMPM 711 sets the minimum requirements to be applied when procuring goods or services on behalf of JCU.

The SPG team is committed to raising awareness of sustainable purchasing. Our objective is to encourage procurement that offers reduced environmental impacts over the life-cycle of goods or services.

Sustainable Procurement means that when buying goods and services, consideration is given to:

  • Strategies to avoid unnecessary consumption
  • Demand Management
  • Minimizing the environmental impacts of goods and services over the whole-of-life cycle
  • Assessing the socially responsible practices of our suppliers – including compliance with occupational health and safety legislative obligations and the working conditions of employees, and
  • Buying locally

The SPG is part of Financial & Business Services within the Services and Resources Division and is located in Room 104, Building 1, JCU Townsville, and Room 115, Building A1, JCU Cairns.