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TropEco About TropEco

About TropEco

TropEco is JCU's sustainability program, celebrating Sustainability in Action by supporting students and staff to create a culture of sustainability at JCU.

Sustainability can be defined as the ability to maintain healthy environmental, social and economic systems in balance, indefinitely, on a global and local scale.

The spheres of sustainability can be conceptualised as having a nested relationship, with the economy and society a subset of the environment.

Culture is often included as a fourth circle or a subset of society.

The economy is much broader than the regular monetary economy, and includes:

  • an exchange of goods and services within and between communities, with
  • a focus on the equitable distribution of scarce resources
  • at a sustainable scale.

The TropEco team is here to support and celebrate your sustainability ideas. We welcome your input; please contact us if you have new ideas, questions or feedback about sustainability at JCU.

Manager, Environment and Sustainability: Jared Sunderland

Environment Officer : Brandan Espe

Environment and Sustainability Officer: Holly Field