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About TropEco

TropEco is JCU's sustainability program, celebrating Sustainability in Action by supporting students and staff to create a culture of sustainability at JCU.

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Sustainability can be defined as the ability to maintain healthy environmental, social and economic systems in balance, indefinitely, on a global and local scale.

JCU we aims to work collaboratively to build social, environmental and economic systems and processes that seek to enhance the current and future quality of life of all living entities.

Sustainability can be envisioned as a Venn diagram such as the image below and it is the intersection of environmental, social and economic principles or pillars.

Sustainable development can be defined as meeting human development goals sustainably and responsibly, with environmental systems to provide the resources and ecosystem services on which the economy and society are dependent, balancing economic efficiency and social equity, without compromising the needs of future generations.

sustainability venn diagram

The TropEco team is here to support and celebrate your sustainability ideas. We welcome your input and feedback; please contact us if you have new ideas, questions or feedback about sustainability at JCU.