Timothy Leow (MPhil)

Dr Timothy Leow.

MPhil research project: Student dropouts and mental health – the challenges faced by foreign university students

Dr Timothy Leow is a Psychiatry Registrar working for the Townsville University Hospital, Mental Health Service Group. Dr Leow is a trainee with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry. He is a medical graduate from Western Sydney University and has been working in Townsville since 2017.  Dr Leow has a special interest in cross-cultural mental health, child and adolescent psychiatry, addictions, veteran mental health, eating disorders, neuropsychiatry, neurostimulation, and psychotherapies.

International student admissions to Australian universities have been increasing in the past decades, contributing to the economy, society, and workforce in Australia. International students face unique challenges compared to domestic students, which may lead to their withdrawal from universities. Dr Leow’s MPhil research project aims to investigate the psychosocial challenges to well-being and retention faced by international students at Australian universities.