Film screenings

ALTAR holds regular screenings of classic and contemporary documentary and anthropological films at The Cairns Institute's lecture theatre. Films are free and open to the public. Visit the Cairns Institute for upcoming ALTAR events or stay in touch with ALTAR via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Exhibitions and Workshops

Re-visualising the Past, Imagining the Future: Race, Governance and Development in PNG / HASS Research Focus Workshop / Hosted by the Cairns Institute in collaboration with the College of Arts, Society and Education, JCU / 4-6 November, 2020

5-30 June 2017, 10pm, The Cairns Institute

Presented by ALTAR members: Daniela Vávrová, Kasia Wojtylak, and Kristian Lupinski.

Canoe on the Sepik.

The lives of the Ambonwari people of Papua New Guinea in the Sepik and Murui people of Colombia in the Amazon are both defined and made possible by the rivers on which they live their days. This exhibition explores the idea of life on the river, and the understandings and relationship that we – JCU researchers – have forged with our collaborators and interlocutors in these places. Both river basins, Sepik and Amazon, share unique but similar ecological features and cultural values.

This exhibition shows commonalities and differences in more practical terms, through lived experience of the life on the river. The themes include canoe making, fishing, hunting, and food preparation. Through joint collection of photographs, videos, collages, drawings, and personal objects, the exhibition presents our fieldwork experiences, research methods, and collaborative approaches, as well as engaging important ecological and social issues happening in the tropics.

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