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From time to time the CTBMB offers grants to its members. In the past these have focussed on enabling researchers to adopt new technologies such as Nanopore sequencing and single-cell sequencing. There are no grant rounds open currently. Any future grant opportunities will be advertised through the CTBMB newsletter and social media (Follow @CTBMB_JCU on twitter).

Past Grants

Long-read Sequencing Grant Description (PDF, 170 KB)

Successful Projects

  • Dr Kelly Condon: Unravelling the Vibrio spp. soup associated with mass mortality in an Australian prawn hatchery.
  • Dr Bruna Luz: Whole genome of Tubastrea coccinea
  • Paul O'Brien: Investigating the sponge metagenome using long-read sequencing
  • Erika Gress: First high-quality transcriptome of a Black Coral (Antipatharia)

Single-cell Grant Description  (PDF, 277 KB)

Successful Projects

  • Dr Margaret Jordan and Ms Annie Willson: EOMES role in MS pathogenesis is via monocyte-mediated cytotoxicity
  • Dr Andreas Kupz: Investigating the impact of novel live attenuated tuberculosis vaccines on trained immunity in lung immune cells
  • Dr Martha Cooper, Jamie Brady and Prof. Denise Doolan: Pilot study to assess heterogeneity of the human NK cell response to experimental P. falciparum malaria.
  • Dr Bruna Luz: Single-cell approach in Scleractinia
  • Dr Roland Ruscher: Molecular pathways underlying the anti-inflammatory effects of hookworm-secreted proteins in human Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Grant Description   (PDF, 152 KB)

Successful Projects

  • Madalyn Cooper and Alyssa Budd: Nanopore genome skimming of the critically endangered largetooth sawfish
  • Sandra Infante-Villamil, Dr Roger Huerlimann, Dr Kelly Condon, Prof. Dean Jerry: Characterisation of low complexity but potentially high-risk bacterial communities in early developmental stages of Black tiger prawn hatcheries
  • Dr Jenny Elliman: Aquatic invertebrate disease causing organisms
  • Dr Alanna Sorenson: De novo genome assembly of KRX E. coli strain for crucial in vivo bacterial replication termination data
  • Dr Peter Cowman: Surviving 50 million years on tropical reefs – a genome for Zanclus cornutus, a monotypic reef fish
  • Dr Paul O’Brien, A. Prof. David Bourne, Dr. Nicole Webster: Host-Microbe coevolution in coral reef invertebrates