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Deputy Vice Chancellor Education

Maree Dinan-Thompson

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Education oversees the entire student lifecycle, from outreach and aspiration and transition to higher education, through to graduation. The DVC Education strives to create a student experience and environment that is equitable and accessible, empowered by place and engaged with our communities, and focused on student journey and success.

The DVC Education endeavours to create an outstanding academic, social and cultural virtual and physical learning environment that promotes a sense of belonging, and also equips students to make significant contributions to local, national and global communities.

Professor Maree Dinan-Thompson, formerly DVC Students, was appointed to the role of DVC Education in June 2022. Her responsibilities include the portfolios of the Centre for Education and Enhancement, the Student Services Directorate, the Library Services Directorate and the Education Division. Professor Dinan-Thompson has key responsibilities in academic governance, student experience and support, equity strategies, and, learning and teaching including digital transformations and academic development.

Maree’s research and expertise lies in curriculum development and implementation, assessment design and literacy, teacher agency and curriculum change. Maree has also engaged in Indigenous games research, and pedagogical approaches in Catholic Education. She completed her doctoral studies in health and physical education at University of Queensland, has served on State and National curriculum authorities and is an active member in various professional associations. She is a Fellow of the Australian Council of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. More recently, Maree is the Project Lead for RPPPP Building Capabilities for Success which takes an educative approach to outreach activities across Queensland.

Professor Maree Dinan-Thompson

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