Education Division Information for students

Information for students

The Education Division provides services and support for students from the time they aspire to go to university through to graduation. In this critical role, we work with and across Divisions and Colleges and in collaboration with the Academy to drive and meet JCU's objectives and Strategic Direction.

The Education Division is responsible for:

  • Raising aspirations and community outreach
  • Student enrolments and study planning
  • Student engagement and communications
  • Student success and retention
  • Student wellbeing and Accessibility
  • Student finance and scholarships
  • Student reviews, appeals and complaints
  • Student feedback and continuous improvement
  • Student learning support
  • Examinations and graduations
  • Careers
  • Learning and teaching frameworks
  • Library services
  • Quality assurance and evaluation.

Directorates/Units within the Education Division

The Education Division strives to provide a seamless transition for students throughout their journey at JCU. It encompasses a broad range of Directorates/Units to deliver this.

Student Representation

The Education Division promotes student voice through formal and informal processes:

SSAF is administered through the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Education. JCU actively seeks to consult with, and obtain feedback from, its students in determining priorities for SSAF funding, engaging in a range of consultation processes with students including:

  • Biennial consultation with the broader student body through the SSAF Survey
  • Regular meetings between JCU Student Association and Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Education
  • Annual JCU Student Association induction on SSAF process with incoming JCUSA Council members
  • Feedback from Student Forums and Student Consultative Committees

JCU is a Member Institution of Student Voice Australasia, an international network of students and staff from tertiary institutions partnering to foster and embed a culture of authentic, meaningful and inclusive student engagement in institutional decision-making across governance, learning, teaching and student experience. Institutional membership enables all JCU staff and students to access and engage with SVA activities, events and resources throughout the year.

The Mental Health Task Force aims to implement immediate, medium, and long-term actions that respond to identified gaps and needs to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of our students and staff, and provide a safe, inclusive and respectful work and learning community. Specifically, the Taskforce monitors the development and delivery of implementation activities listed in the JCU Mental Health and Wellness Strategy 2022-2026. Regular monitoring, evaluation, and reporting to the relevant management and governance committees will be undertaken by the Taskforce.

The JCU Student Association (JCUSA) is a service based not- for-profit organisation that is independent of the University. JCUSA is an integral part of the University community, bringing the campus to life with its services and offering support to students for all sorts of issues varying from academic through to financial.

The JCUSA main office is located on the Townsville campus and has an office on the Cairns campus.

JCUSA has student Advocacy Officers based in Townsville, Cairns and Brisbane who offer a free, independent, confidential and non-judgemental service that is available to all JCU students.

Education Committee is chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Education and provides recommendations to Academic Board on relevant aspects of academic quality and excellence that cover the University’s learning and teaching frameworks, student participation and attainment, learning environment, learning resources and Educational support.  Membership includes two students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) determined by an Expression of Interest and appointed by Chair, Academic Board.

There are two sub-committees of Education Committee which sit within the remit of the Chair Education Committee and Deputy Vice Chancellor Education: Student Experience Advisory Committee and Academic Calendar Advisory Committee.

SEAC is the body responsible for oversight of student experience and the conduit for communication and dissemination. It provides advice to the Education Committee (which is chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Education) on all student experience matters. In particular, the objectives of the Committee are to:

  1. Advise the Education Committee on implementing the overall student experience.
  2. Promote a positive overall student experience and lifelong relationship between the University and its students through the coordination and connection of strategic activity in all facets of the student lifecycle.
  3. Within the framework of relevant policies, monitor and review data and reports from student experience operational units, and working groups to enhance the student experience.
  4. Consider measures to contribute towards an enriched student experience through the development of strategies and initiatives, which promote access, participation, success, inclusion, diversity, safety, wellness, internationalisation, and local and global connections.

ACAC is the body responsible for the institutional oversight of the JCU Academic Calendar and the conduit for communication and dissemination.  It provides advice to the Education Committee on all operational issues associated with the development and Implementation of the Calendar. Membership includes two students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) determined by an Expression of Interest and appointed by Chair, ACAC.

James Cook University actively seeks to consult with and obtain feedback from its students, and to enable students to participate in decision making. More information is available at Student consultation process and Feedback.