Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee

The Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee is a standing committee of the Council. Its role is to assist Council in discharging its risk, compliance and internal control responsibilities. It reviews and makes recommendations to Council on the reporting of financial information, the application of accounting policies, financial management arrangements, the University's internal control system and its business policies and practices. Its also ensures compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies and has oversight of the University's health, safety and environment arrangements through the Health, Safety and Environment Sub-Committee. Operationally it ensures the timely implementation of audit recommendations, provides a formal channel for communication between the Council and external audit functions and is responsible on behalf of Council for the overview of the internal audit function. The Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee has nine members, five are drawn from the Council, two are external co-opted additional members and there is an external Chair. The Health, Safety and Environment Sub-Committee has nine members.