Governance University Council Professor Anthony Leicht

Professor Anthony Leicht

Elected Member - Academic Staff

Elected Member Anthony Leicht


  • Member, JCU Council


Professor Leicht is an experienced academic and researcher with an international reputation for expertise in human performance including the physiological responses to exercise/sport/occupational tasks and assessment of physical/sporting capacity. He has over 25 years of experience as an exercise science academic with an extensive publication/supervisory/mentoring/engagement/funding record, and was the former Director of the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science at James Cook University (2008-2011).

He has been elected as a Fellow of exercise/sport organisations worldwide including Exercise and Sports Science Australia, European College of Sport Science and Sports Medicine Australia. He has held a variety of Board director and committee roles over the past 20 years including James Cook University, Exercise and Sports Science Australia, Sports Medicine Australia, and the Townsville Hospital Foundation, where he was the Board Chair (2017-2020). He was elected as an academic staff member of the James Cook University Council in 2014 (2014-2018) and 2022 (2022-2026).