Ms Katherine Chicalas

Elected Member - Student


  • Member, JCU Council
  • Member, Awards and Ceremonies Committee


Elected as the Student Member of Council from 20 April 2024.

As a fourth-year Medical Student hailing from a remote QLD town, I wholeheartedly embrace JCU's 'Ready today for tomorrow' approach, believing in its transformative power for future education. My previous role as President and Treasurer of the Student Executive Team at The John Flynn College has allowed me to work closely with my peers while supporting the college environment as a Senior Residential Assistant. Recognizing the paramount importance of acting in the University's best interests, I would adhere to a code of conduct emphasizing good faith and conflict avoidance. Upholding confidentiality for transparent discussion, I am committed to contributing to JCU's strategic vision collaboratively. I aim to uphold JCU’s values and excellence, ensuring a vibrant future for our academic community.