JCU-CSIRO Partnership JCU-CSIRO Co-locations

JCU-CSIRO Co-locations

Staff from JCU and CSIRO are located in the Australian Tropical Science and Innovation Precinct (ATSIP) at JCU's Townsville, Bebegu Yumba Campus and in the building E2 (Sir Robert Norman Building) at JCU’s Nguma-bada Campus . The co-location of JCU and CSIRO staff creates an opportunity to position Australia as a pre-eminent provider of research to industries and communities in the world's tropics.

JCU-CSIRO colocation in Townsville (ATSIP)

The ATSIP building is a research and administration hub located on the eastern side of campus. The building includes lecture and meeting facilities, visitor office space, fully equipped laboratories and staff and students from across CSIRO Business and Service units and JCU’s College of Engineering and Science

ATSIP is Building 145 on the Bebegu Yumba (Townsville) campus of James Cook University. See interactive map

JCU-CSIRO co-location in Cairns

the co-located space is a research and administration hub that includes research staff from across CSIRO’s Business and Service Units and the Australian Tropical Herbarium.

ATSIP is Building E2 (Sir Robert Norman Building) on the Nguma-bada (Cairns) campus of James Cook University (JCU). See interactive map