Centre for Veterinary Education Clinical Competency Award

History of the prize

This prize was founded in 2012 by the Centre for Veterinary Education and is maintained by them with annual donations. The prize is awarded to the student graduating with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science who has been the most competent in clinical skills over the clinical portion of his or her undergraduate years.


Centre for Veterinary Education

Prize Information

Awarded to the graduating Bachelor of Veterinary Science student who has demonstrated the most competent clinical skills throughout the clinical portion of their studies.

$1,000 worth of PGF/CVE publications and/or other CVE products, certificate and letter.

2023 - Benjamin James Leyden

2022 - Shanya Jade Canavan

2021 - Benjamin William Rub

2020 - Zoe Louise Miranda Walker

2019 - Maximillian Ernst

2018 - Hannah Ashley Butler

2017 - Jillian Eliza Bell