Frequently asked questions

You asked, we answered.

Below are frequently asked questions from students, prize recipients and potential prize donors.

Yes, in most cases contributions towards academic prizes are tax deductible. Talk to the JCU Advancement team for more information

Named prizes can be established by anyone, provided they commit to funding the award for three or more years at a minimum contribution of $500 per annum. Talk to the JCU Advancement team today to discuss setting up a prize

Any course or degree that JCU teaches. JCU’s Advancement team will work with you to find the right course, subject or discipline.

Prizes are often established in the name of the donor, or that of a loved one, in memory of them, their special skills and achievements. Prizes can create powerful lasting memories of people and achievements for future generations.

Contact the Student Centre via Chat, email, post or in person.

Depending on what prize you are awarded it will either be posted to you or by funds transfer.  You will be asked to confirm your postal address or bank details prior to this.

JCU prizes are awarded after final subject results are released at the end of each year.

The College will contact you in writing via email and all JCU prize winners are published on our website.

No, there is no application process (other than for Writing Prizes).  Your college will nominate the prize winner for the most outstanding performance/achievement in a particular course. Prizes are awarded on the recommendation of the Dean of the Colleges.

Prizes are awards given to a student for outstanding academic achievement in a particular class, field of study or discipline that reflects the donors’ values and purpose. A student does not apply for a prize, it is awarded based on academic merit.

Scholarships and grants require a student application processes. Find out more about Scholarships and Grants.