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Florence, Robert & Colin Dempster Prize for Nursing

Colin Dempster pictured with his mother Florence and father Robert.

History of the prize

The prize was founded in 2017 through a donation made by Mr Dempster who has been the recipient of the professional skills of many of JCU's nursing graduates and he wishes to acknowledge and thank them via this Prize.


Mr Colin Dempster

Prize Information

Awarded to the second year Bachelor of Nursing Science student who, at the end of their second year has shown to be the most improved over their first year results.


2022 - Serena Louise Stinson

2021 - Erin Croton

2020 - Brea Katelyn Frousheger

2019 - Christina O’Donnell

2018 - Raphael Yiuchun Leung

2017 - Larissa Tegan McKenzie