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Futurus Marketing Tech Excellence Award


History of the prize

Founded in 2018 by the Simmons Family Trust, trading as GETBRANDED with the donation of funds to assist students in being motivated to explore where marketing platforms need to be in the future and how users will be able to integrate them into their business.


Simmons Family Trust trading as GetBranded

Prize Information

To the highest scoring group assessment completed in the subject BX3081: Interactive Marketing.

$400.00 plus $200.00 in value of Getbranded collateral.

2023 -  Manola Maria Chong,  Amelia Anne Valerie Gatehouse,  Logan Paige Stanton

2022 - Matthew Cruze Eggins & Monique Joan Mowat

2021 - Ariane Rojo Ventura, Georgia Emma Badoino, Kara Jade Angel & Same James Nosworthy

2020 - Natalie Ann Feltrin, Anh Duong Pham, Sabina Buskens & Shahli Wright

2019 - Claire Bradshaw, Nicole Clare Cross, Cherono Katet Kemei & Ellysse Ann Horniblow

2018 - Amity Jane Farmer, Jocelyn Kate Harris & Trendton Leslie David Gabel