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JCU General Practice and Rural Medicine (GPRM) Prize in Rural Medicine

History of the prize

This prize was founded in 2004 by Tropical Medical Training. It is currently maintained by the College of Medicine & Dentistry through the General Practice and Rural Medicine program.


General Practice and Rural Medicine Program

Prize Information

Awarded to the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery student enrolled in year 6 who achieves a D or HD in the general practice component of the year 5 assessment, and demonstrates an interest in and commitment to, a career in rural medicine.

A certificate and sponsorship to attend a workshop/conference/course relevant to Rural Medicine.

2023 - Brielle Madison Daly

2022 - Jessica Helen Simpson

2021 - Emma Devine

2020 - Michael Andrew Pitt

2019 - Jessica Kate Wilcox

2018 - Natalia Elizabeth Anderson

2017 - Gabrielle Dent