Royal Geographical Society of Queensland Ltd. Prize


History of the prize

This prize was founded in 1989 and is maintained with donations from the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland Ltd. The prize is awarded to the student who achieves the best results from the study of at least 2 geography subjects of level 2 and 2 at level 3.


Royal Geographical Society of Qld Ltd. (RGSQ)

Prize Information

Awarded to the College of Science and Engineering student who achieves the highest results in Level 2 and Level 3 geography subjects in the discipline of Earth and Environmental Science.

A medal and one year's membership of the Society

2023 - Tracey Claire Walker

2022 - Ella Schirru

2021 - Fredrick James Lowrey Holden

2020 - Jesse Thomas Rheinlander

2019 - Hannah May Green

2018 - Todd McNeill

2017 - Grace Marion Derrick